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A 3 channel video installation by Nuno Cera and invited writers on the unknown vertigo and spatial qualities of concrete post-war mega-planning: 3 architectures - “The Barbican“ in London (UK), “Les Espaces d'Abraxas“ in Noisy-le-Grand (FR) and the “Quinta da Malagueira“ in Évora (PT) - are set on stage, negotiating their characters, languages, features and manifestations of poetry, power and authority.
The project reflects and articulates the complexity and relationships between architectural clusters – interwoven with their history, memory as well as present function and reality. A certain utopian sense travels the work and the architecture from a different era.

Technical information:

DVCPRO HD; PAL (1080p); 16:9; Color; Sound
Dimensions: Variable
Duration: 18 min 30 sec (loop)

Filmed and edited: Nuno Cera

Idea and concept: Nuno Cera and Julia Albani

Photography: Nuno Cera

Texts and quotes: Florian Heilmeyer (“The Barbican“); José António Bandeirinha (“Quinta da Malagueira“) and Julia Albani.

Voice-over: Anton Skrzypiciel; Filipa Leão; Jeff Wood.
Portuguese Voice-over: Manuel Graça Dias, Filipa Leão, Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida