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Single Channel HD Video
HD DVCPRO720p50; PAL; 16:9; Black & White; Stereo (Músic: CELER)
TRT: 00:04:17:00 (x2) 7 00:08:35:00


The sea cave as a structure and ambiance is the subject to the video project The Passenger. This geological phenomenon with its dense symbolic representation, as a space of conflicts as well as sacred site, always with a tension between light and shadow, represents the passage between imagination and ideas. Caves are natural asylums, crannies, sites of invisibility and of illusion, from where one can observe without being observed. They are eternal domiciles, the first and the last, the maternal cave and the natural grave.
The video, edited following the Fibonacci ratio, creates different movements of entering and exiting the sea caves in an infinite oscillation between exterior and interior, between the known and the unknown.The Passenger can be also read as an introspection, questioning and portrait of the contemporary social and political context.