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Single Channel HD Video
H.264 1080i50; PAL; 16:9; Color, Stereo Sound.
TRT: 00:19:56:00

Directed and edited by Nuno Cera in collaboration with Julia Albani
“Suspensão” performed by Cláudia de Serpa Soares & Jeff Wood
Cinematography: Daniel Neves
Sound Design: João Ferro Martins
Piano: Filipe Raposo

The video work brings together two actors to perform within the vast and empty spaces of an ruinous, historic, industrial site in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation. The two protagonists’ choreography is dominated by the specific phenomena of the architectural structures - an exploration and confrontation of the body, space, memory and movement. “Suspension / Suspensão” is an experimental vision of a poetic universe that interrelates the metamorphosis of the space with the body and the process of artistic creation with the local history. An experience of time and place.

The work was produced as a commission from the Centre for Arts / Oliva Creative Factory of São João da Madeira – and shot in the former Oliva factory, built in the 1930s, São João da Madeira, Portugal.