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A ROOM WITH A VIEW, 2008 - 2012

110 x 145 cm
Lambda Print monted on PVC - Wooden frame

A Room with a view, entitles a series of photos made in hotel rooms in different cities world wide. The photographs are shot from inside the hotel room of the window facing the city, capturing different reflections from the interior onto the city scape. The window, the surface which should be invisible, makes itself present through what it reflects. The process of analog photography applied in the artist’s work does not include digital manipulation or photoshop effects. Each picture is the result of a complex, unique and realistic composition. The specific view points create several layers of information: a fusion of urban landscapes interwoven with the reflection on the interior, creating images that personal objects, memories, afections and a possible narrative.

The series “A Room with a View” explores the individual experience, intimate and private, in the contemporary metropolis. It is a reflection of the complex conditions and dynamics of some cities spread across the globe (incl. Berlin, New York, Mexico City, Cairo, Basel, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, São Paulo and Paris).