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110 X 83 cm
Lambda Print mounted on PVC - Wooden Frame

In his book «A Secreta Vida das Imagens» Al Berto draws on specific works to mention a number of artists he loved and who shaped his way of life and of looking at the world. Neither chronology nor an outer theme guided him in that love; instead, he was led precisely by the quest for the secret lying at the core of pictures and which he was able to draw only through the Word.
This exhibition follows the opposite path – and that is what its name, A Vida Secreta das Palavras (The secret life of words) reflects. The selected artists search for the secret that lies at the core of words through the pictures they build and offer to us. Interaction with Al Berto’s words, with the images he evokes, the places he moved around in his quest for the new and for the eter- nal, for the vertigo of things and people’s essential truth, as well as his tragic joy of life, not only gives meaning to contemporary art objects but also allows the remembrance of the poet’s presence in Sines and symbolically brings him back to our company.